The Members

Band Members

Anthony Billington vocals, guitar

Anthony is a very accomplished  guitarist and singer, and was talent-spotted by the band at a party. And he does great accents! As  well as playing with ReelMen he plays other restaurant and pub gigs.

Anthony works as a teacher at the University of Waikato.

John Innes tin whistle, bodhran (Irish drum), concertina, percussion things, harmonica, snare drum

John played in Rotorua band Mosstroopers for many years before ReelMen began. From learning the tin whistle at university, he steadily expanded the repertoire of instruments he plays to the present eighty-nine.

John works as a scientist at Landcare Research in Hamilton. Ask him about native birds.

Keith MacMillan vocals, mandolin, tenor banjo, 5-string banjo

Keith comes from a background of rock bands, folk clubs, a bluegrass band, a western swing band, some years of playing in Mosstroopers with John, and a stint in Hamilton’s Big Muffin Serious Band (see Mr T. Pot,  the new video from Big Muffin Serious Band with various ex-members, on the Images page). He began his  mandolin education after seeing Hamilton County Bluegrass Band on TV and finding a mandolin not a banjo in the Hamilton music stores, and  is now a member of HCBB.  He and John were foundation members of ReelMen in 1998.

Keith runs Hamilton business Keith MacMillan Stringed Instruments by day, where he repairs and restores guitars, violins, and other instruments. He keeps the band’s many instruments at their best.

Paul Trenwith vocals, double bass

Paul is a member of Hamilton County Bluegrass Band, in which he plays banjo and dobro, and outside of that has played in many Gospel groups, country bands, and other bluegrass combos. He has been producer on many albums for other musicians, was part of Slim Dusty’s show for many years, and has helped train four very musically-active sons.

Paul is very active as a teacher of banjo, guitar, mandolin, ukulele and bass and works part-time within the construction industry. Check his website here