Band History

ReelMen was formed in 1998 by John Innes, Keith MacMillan, Urlwyn Trebilco, Rod Murdoch and Stephen Judd. They played many Hamilton pubs as well as the still-ongoing Ceilidh nights and annual St Patrick’s Day gigs.

Rod, on bass, left and was replaced by Tom Ingram, who found he couldn’t spare the time away from overseas travel and deerstalking, and then Paul Trenwith, playing double bass,  who quickly found his feet once he learned to drink red wine at the practices.

Stephen, on fiddle,  left to pursue work commitments and was replaced by Victoria Brown, who is no longer with the band but can be bribed to play with us occasionally.

Urlwin, on guitar, left to pursue jazz, and Anthony Billington took over his  playing and vocal roles. The band has been thus for many years now.

Some Highlights:

The Association of Vintage Car Clubs at Mystery Creek, playing for 5000 people

Parachute 2008, calling dances for 6000 people all dancing at once!

An outdoor wedding party on the shores of Lake Tarawera

The Hamilton Gardens Festival 2008

Calling a dance for people in wheelchairs one Irish theme night

Playing a 40th  birthday party, a 50th birthday party (same person!), a work Christmas party and a 21st birthday party all for the one family. We are looking forward to the wedding…

When oldies and teenagers all tell us it was their best night ever